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Are the police allowed to use a time machine to investigate you?

Imagine if the government possessed a device which could, with the push of a button, display a citizen’s every movement for the prior year with pinpoint accuracy.  The device could reveal its target’s trips to medical appointments, political meetings, private residences, and even into and out of the shower with exact time frames and locations.  Now, further imagine that the government could use this device to monitor the past of anyone - without a warrant or evidence of a crime.

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What is parental kidnapping?

When parents are going through a crisis, one parent often fears that the other will simply run away with the children.  This does happen.  The hard thing to understand is that it may be perfectly legal.

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Three calls to make after a car accident.

After a car accident, you will be shaken up.  With your head spinning, it will be confusing to try to decide what to do first.  You may be released from the ER only to find that you have no car, no ability to work, a legal case to deal with, and huge medical bills. 

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Why your social media posts are not private.

Would you like the police to read all your private social media posts and then read them out into the public record in the courtroom?  Well, they can.  When you click “private” on the social media account of your choosing, you should know that it may not be legally private. 

The police and courts are perfectly well informed on how to get into your social media accounts and read them.  It seems that we as Americans have a right to privacy, and to some extent we do.  But this right is much more limited than we think, and the government is perfectly able to get into your life and business if they want to do so.  This post will discuss three legal ways that the government can read your private postings.

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